The FAQs here are some of the questions which are asked by our clients of the areas in which we practice. Most of the questions are answered by us and here we have come up with some most frequently answered questions and answers. The questions and answers in this section are not intended to be exhaustive and do not intend to be full-proof advice for your particular question, concern, or issue. Moreover, these questions and answers do not create any relationship or duty on our part to assist you. However, the information here is always intended to be helpful and will possibly assist you to ask accurate questions for your needs. Moreover, we always encourage you to please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page to dialog further on the areas of your internet and issues.

Q: How do I associate with Hykez?

The association process begins when you get in touch with our support members with your requirements. After knowing your requirements we begin with the analysis process and will get back to you as soon as possible with an appropriate result. On the basis of any further discussion, we provide you an opportunity to choose an engagement model that will suit you the best. After all this, we will begin with the process of IT development.

Q: What is Hykez’s main line of business?

Hykez is a software and technology service company providing specialization in industry-specific solutions and IT integration services.

Q: Can you tell me the main focus areas of Hykez while keeping in mind the changing needs of the customer?

The main focus of Hykez is to expand its service delivery potential in various industries through strategic alliances to become the preferred service provider keeping the customer needs in mind.

Q: What are the core industries that you cover at Hykez?

At Hykez, we diversify in a host of software services. Broadly, Hykez has expertise in Manufacturing, Education, Energy resources, Banking & Finance, and the list continues. For more information about our industries, you can feel free to visit our Industries section on our website or get in touch with us.

Q: We are in search for a reliable partner who can complete development work for us, can Hykez do it?

Of course, with our expertise in design, software and application development, hosting, and digital marketing, we are here to provide end-to-end digital solutions that will help your business grow on the front. We have proved to be a reliable business partner having several years of dedicated and committed service to all our clients.

Q: How will Hykez help our business to lead the digital revolution?

We are into this business for several years and our hands-on approach to technology and management has made strong bonds with all our clients and partners. Moreover, we have a team of tech experts who analyze the needs and requirements of all our clients and always strive to deliver a roadmap that is shared with the client using the latest technology. Hykez researchers the best technology and will bring to you the right IT solutions, at the right time and the right value. On the other hand, Hykez will help you to plan, install, implement, and maintain your business’s systems.

Q: What are the main benefits of your Digital Marketing approach when compared to web development?

Digital Marketing always benefits businesses in various ways no matter what their sizes are. This is achieved by giving access to the market at an affordable rate. Our digital marketing advantages involveenhancing brand loyalty and driving online sales. Some of the other advantages of our digital marketing approach are as follows:

  • Worldwide reach
  • Lower cost
  • Trackable results
  • Personalization
  • Social currency
  • Improved prospects conversion rates

Q: If Hykez recommends many IT solutions, how will we know that which is the best in my organization?

Many times, Hykez may come to you with more than one solution for all your IT needs. If this is the case, then it will be our duty to educate you on the advantages of each IT solution and that will help you make an informed decision which will give you the best solution for all your long-term business needs.

Q: What is your price structure? Is it expensive?

At Hykez, we believe in providing value to each of our clients and are always committed to delivering the best results, that’s why we have come up with a fixed price system.

Here, our clients receive a not-to-exceed cost estimate before starting the work. As we all know that no one likes pricing surprises, so we closely work with our clients to understand their specific business needs and after that, we will outline our plan of action and the associated pricing to implement those solutions.

For more such pricing details of our various IT solutions, you can contact us through our support email address or phone number.

Q: What geographical areas do you serve?

Hykez is currently located in the United States of America. However, we have traveled several hundreds of miles over the past year working with clients all over the world.

Q: How can I afford to partner with Hykez if my company is already struggling?

We believe that the answer to this situation is, how you can afford not to partner with someone who is here to help you, as the typical business challenges can only get worse and not better. Most importantly, you need a partner that can actually deliver the best results and not just any results. The results here will positively impact your business and will breathe a new life into your business.

Q: Our Company is just a Start-up. Do you work with start-ups?

Yes, some of our clients are startups. If you are an entrepreneur who is developing and refining the business model, identifying target markets, defining your brand, or seeking expertise in launching your company, then Hykez is here for you to bring significant impact and growth to your startup.

Q: What are the common things that Hykez can do?

Our team of IT experts brings in technical skills set that can be invaluable to the core of your business. Among these, our experts can accomplish:

  • The scope of your project
  • Plan and manage the schedule
  • Define and analyze the clients’ requirements
  • Implement new systems
  • Handle testing, installation and training processes

Q: How can I be confident in the reliability and quality of the project?

At Hykez, Quality and Reliability are our top priority. Our team does everything to ensure that all our clients are satisfied. The only goal of Hykez is to deliver customized projects that meet the highest standards of quality. We usually get into your mind and develop a deep scenario of your needs and requirements. In the end, the result that you will get is an exceptional product.

Q: Do you provide post-project delivery support?

Yes, we do provide support after we deliver your project. This generally involves bug-tracking and fixing.

Q: Do you deal with urgent fixing support?

At Hykez, we are doing the best to avoid any programming errors in all our products for our clients. However, there can still be errors even in the highest quality products due to the familiar nature of software development. We are trying to fix things as soon as possible.

Q: What are the set of requirements do you require from us?

This process is very interactive. For the successful implementation of the project, we will need a detailed set of specifications. Here, you must point out all your preferences concerning the shape and size of the project. On the other hand, we also need to know your project specification and description that will be developed for. It would be good to have some demo versions of your project for further development.

Q: Can I monitor my project?

There are various approaches to reviewing the status of your project. The Internet allows us to interact with each other as if we were next door. We will provide regular updates with the current status that will help to provide an upper-level view of the state of the project. Based on such status artifacts you may provide changes to the project process, features, and much more.

Q: What will happen if I don’t agree with any of the processes?

It is very unlikely that you do not agree with the processes of our experts. However, he or she will discuss the reasons why and will always leave the final decision to you.

Q: Will your partnership affect our workforce?

The main objective of Hykez is to improve and grow the company, eliminating any monetary losses, and making the company more profitable and secure. When this message is delivered correctly to the workplace, they will surely want to cooperate in the way they can.

Q: Will my project be strictly confidential?

Obviously! At Hykez, all the employees are strictly forbidden to discuss your project with anyone. We are proud that we have never had any complaints about any of our employees regarding client confidentiality.

Q: Do you have any references?

We would love to introduce you to past clients. However, in order to respect the generosity and privacy of our past clients, we usually do not disclose any of their project proceedings.

Fortunately, you can still see our work of the clients on the Our Portfolio page on our website. Moreover, you can also check out the Customer Feedback section to get a good idea of what we deliver to our clients.

Q: How you guarantee your work?

We are the best just like the last job! We are very confident in our ability to provide you with a service that will positively impact your business.

Q: After signing up, how immediately can you start the project?

As soon as you sign up with us, we will start working on your project. In most of the cases, we parachute into your business and will start providing our services right away!

Q: How quickly can I see the results?

Very quickly and efficiently, most around two to three months of project implementation. It is good that we are only effective if you are committed to implementing change and also are open to being helped to improve your business. We have readily seen that businesses with quick fixes don’t work and the important improvements may take time. In some cases, it may around 12 months to show significant change. However, you will see some small improvements in your business every month which will eventually add up to significant overall improvement.

Q: Are there any career options in Hykez?

Hykez regularly conducts various training and placement programs. This is done because we want the best talent and skills on our platform and are also updated with the latest technology trends. Here, you can see a clear progression in your career as we always support your growth and development and also want you to succeed.

Q: What if my queries are not answered on this page?

As you know that the most convenient way to communicate is through the internet, emailing our support team is a great option for you. E-mail is a quick method to send information, queries, and feedback. You can send your questions and comments to our official email address.

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