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    Frameworks QA Engineer

    Date: 8th October 2021
    REQ ID: 5998

    Our team is seeking a Software QA Engineer. We partner with Development and Test Engineers to validate various developer and customer-facing features.

    We’re looking for organized and creative critical thinkers to play a key role in driving the testing and coordination of QA efforts across multiple platforms including iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. If you have a passion to qualify Apple’s software releases and ensure high-quality customer experience, we would like to hear from you.

    Key Qualifications
    2+ years of prior experience as a QA engineer
    At ease and adaptable in a dynamic and informal environment
    Ability to respond and react to changing priorities quickly and efficiently
    Ability to quickly learn about new technologies and apply that knowledge to find inconsistencies and issues with their implementations
    Deep understanding of software development and the QA life cycle
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills are needed to facilitate close interaction with development teams, management, and other organizations within Apple
    Python, Javascript or other Unix scripting experience is a plus
    iOS app development experience is a plus

    you will be responsible for testing various new and existing developer features/frameworks that are exposed to 3rd party developers via iOS, watchOS, and tvOS SDKs. You will help accomplish this by testing various internal test applications to ensure they function properly when a new feature is released and after every OS update thereafter. In this role, you will drive all aspects of quality and process improvements to help the team ensure that our features are rock-solid and ready to be released to our developers and customers. Some of our key responsibilities include evaluating the quality of the SDKs and various developers features and executing test passes against various internal test apps. You will debug and report issues encountered during testing, and help triage the team’s daily automation results. You will also work with other engineers, on and outside the team, to determine if issues need to be resolved in the test app or in OS itself.

    Education & Experience
    Minimum of Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

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