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    Industrial & Technical Staffing

    Industrial & Technical Staffing

    At Hykez Technologies Inc, we know that industrial operations have a unique set of challenges, requiring an in-depth understanding of the specific business at hand. We also know that candidates who possess industrial talents are best served by a company who understands their strengths.

    Commitment to Individualized Service

    Hykez Technologies Inc connects companies and candidates with a turnkey staffing solution that meets the needs of this unique environment. Our specialized light industrial recruiters have the insight and experience that allows them to connect qualified candidates with companies in need of a wide range of support.

    Safety First

    Developed with the specific needs of our industrial clients and candidates in mind, our safety program shows our commitment to your work environment. We tour our client sites to ensure a safe and professional working environment to assist in keeping our people safe at work, preventing workplace injury and disruption of operations. Our team offers industrial training where necessary.


    Fluctuating production schedules, special projects and expansions all pose both technical staffing challenges and incredible opportunity for quality technical candidates. So, how do companies connect with the right technical professionals at the right time? With Hykez Technologies Inc, we connect you with top talent. Our technical recruiting practice has been successfully finding top talent and matching them with the right opportunity for many years. Each technical recruiter specializes in their geographic area getting to know the clients and candidates and developing relationships. We believe that this focus allows our recruiters to develop a depth of experience, expertise, and connections unparalleled with other staffing companies.

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