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Twenty years ago, for every 90 students, a school provided one computer. Today, that ratio is about four to one – and after that in some schools, it drops down to one computer for each student. Only a few years ago, a student used only one computer in school – now, that student may use as many as five devices, personal or otherwise, some hardwired and provided by the school; others wireless and brought from home. Very quickly, we have now evolved our services to provide educational entities with management solutions to organize all the device options, increasing bandwidth, and coverage, so that both students and teachers can be connected no matter where they are. Hykez has been a leader in delivering such IT services and solutions to national academic institutions. Our dedicated education technology team represents several years of education technology experience. Some of our earliest success comes from developing affordable software licensing programs and hardware acquisitions for educational school systems, helping them build a solid learning foundation for using technology effectively in the classroom.

Hykez has provided higher education clients with a full suite of innovative technology solutions that help the faculty members of the institute work more efficiently. Because of Hykez, administrators are now staying more closely connected to staff, curriculum, students and their families, and other educators, and students enjoy better access to resources, which leads to an improved academic experience.

We are transforming the Learning Experience

Our educational technology solutions are transforming the overall learning experience by integrating managed technology – and even content – into academic life. Whether students are at school, at home, or on the bus, our solutions help to manage software, devices, infrastructure, and the learning environment they find themselves enjoying. On the other hand, Hykez has provided educators with an immersive hands-on experience, that teaches them how they can transform their classrooms into a new learning environment for their students. Each session here offers instructors an opportunity to explore a twenty-first-century classroom and to see first-hand the benefits their students will gain from such a rich learning experience.

Hykez offers a wide range of services for education technology advancement:

Academic Software Licensing

Our software licensing specialists work with educational institutions to determine which academic licensing program or set of programs best serves their educational needs and requirements.

Technology Acquisition

Our provisioning service is tailored to fit your business processes, either through a face-to-face relationship with our outside sales team, over the phone with our inside sales team, or through our online portal.

IT Deployment

Our IT Deployment of hardware and software is spread across multiple buildings, campuses, integrations of emerging technologies and large-scale, deadline-critical rollouts, and equipment refreshes.

Network Services

We are focused on creating a more efficient network infrastructure through server integration, network enterprise storage, and network design.

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