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The Telecom, Media & Entertainment industry sector is at the existential crossroads today. With the blurring boundaries between communication and information technology, the smartphone revolution and applications have redefined consumer behavior and expectations. There is an explosion in data and the need for network upgrades without proven business models for monetization of the huge data traffic. Digital and OTT players are directly engaging with their customers, leading to a steady decline in traditional revenues and businesses. On the other hand, Telecom solutions have immense growth potential as providers of critical communications infrastructure and connectivity between customers and digital services providers. Hykez is uniquely aligned to serve these as a strategic transformational partner through its exclusive focus on DevOps, Agility, IT transformation models, as well as partnerships with next-gen digital platforms.

This also applies to the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry sector where the increase in the mobile and internet penetration and rising stature of the millennial is transforming online existence into a way of life. This gives the Media and Entertainment industry numerous opportunities to use technology to stay connected with their users across channels/modes of usage. Media houses and other OTT providers are turning towards new-gen technologies like Extended reality, content analytics, and hyper-targeted advertising. In order to deal with these, we have come up with some great services:

IT Managed Services

Application Development and Maintenance: Hykez offers scalable, agile, and proven application development and maintenance frameworks. The solution offerings include rationalizing and modernizing legacy systems and creating an agile IT framework that enables telecom providers to digitally transform, compete, and respond to changing business environments and evolving customer needs.

Retiring and maintaining legacy applications

Reducing time-to-market and complexity throughout the application development cycle through DevOps, proprietary IP, best of breed 3rd party tools, open-source technologies, and automation. We are also significantly reducing maintenance costs through the deployment of platforms and automation. Moreover, we are also shrinking time-to-market by continuously combining development and operations to meet changing consumer needs and reduction in inventory costs leveraged by services around spends analytics and forecasting.

Digital Assurance

Digital assurance has become critical in the Telecom industry due to factors including rapid advancements in the mobile application landscape, DevOps, the evolution of smartphones, and the integration of partner products and services with traditional communication services. Delivery of our services is driven by Automation first principle right from test creation to implementation cycles, backed by our IP platform. We also leverage our broad and deep experience of products to deliver digital assurance services across applications, mobile testing, and agile implementations.

Next-gen ASM in media & entertainment

Next-gen ASM in media & entertainment provides application support & maintenance for both the customer and business-centric systems. Our strategy, which is a blend of transformation-led approach & customer-business-IT alignment, leads to measurable benefits in the purview of incident counts, app footprint optimization, routine workload reduction, team size reduction, etc. The use of next-gen accelerators further provides significant benefits concerning operational efficiency attainment.

BPS Automation in Media & Entertainment

The BPS Automation service serves the various modalities/functions supporting a media & entertainment organization. The functions include customer service & technical support, procurement & supply chain, human resources, finance & accounting, and credit collections & up/cross-selling. Enabled by the best of breed automation platforms, our service helps the customers in brand differentiation, cash-flow enhancement for strategic investments, efficiency driving & operations optimization.

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