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Globalization has built a connected world and opened up frontiers for commerce & trade. However, this growth is coupled with several challenges in supply chain management, capacity & demand management, freight planning, operational efficiency, and technology adoption for Transportation & Logistics providers. The Transportation & Logistics industry faces several disruptive trends including the shifted focus on emerging markets for growth, digitization-driven challenges to established business models, over-regulation, exchange rate volatility, and geopolitical uncertainty.

Therefore, Hykez has come up to overcome these challenges with its robust digital and technology solutions. We deliver digital transformation and technology services for the Transportation & Logistics industry that includes our Transportation solutions – Air, Rail, Road, or Shipping and Logistics clients all over the world. Through our deep domain expertise and technical capabilities in Digital, IoT, Logistic & Supply Chain, Infrastructure Transportation, and Logistics Management, Hykez touches every aspect of the transportation & logistics business delivering high value for its clients. To unleash growth and higher profits in a digital world, transportation and logistics companies need to make bolder and more strategic choices than ever before. Hence, Hykez is helping our Transportation and Logistics clients in this digital transformation by identifying opportunities across the value chain.

Gaining a competitive edge in Transportation and logistics requires precise timing, tracking, and consistency. Companies rely on you to streamline movement through their supply chains. You can rely on advanced data capture, printing, and mobility solutions to ensure your operations remain lean, highly predictable, and on time. Identifying and implementing the right technology that optimizes your load planning, routing, accounting, and scheduling activities can be a challenge for any business. We have the best knowledge and experience to provide solutions that are customized to the needs of your specific logistics environment.

Solutions that are built for your business:

Warehouse Management

A warehouse management solution will allow you to incorporate up-to-date data capture, automation, and printing technologies into your warehouse infrastructure. We have the expertise, hardware, and software to create a complete solution that will increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

Route Accounting

Allow a single representative to efficiently serve your customers by accepting purchase orders, issuing invoices, and collecting payments in the field. Load, ship, and deliver the right products in the right quantities to reduce order errors for better customer satisfaction.

Going Wireless

In a world driven by data, businesses need the tools to empower their workers with accessible resources on the move. With a robust and reliable wireless network, you can offer more dynamic services and be more responsive to your customers with secure real-time information.

Inventory Management

Having proper inventory management will be easy to implement and will decrease data entry errors, increase productivity, and lower operational costs. With an inventory system in the right place, you will have the data to always keep stock according to your customers’ demands, without driving up your storage costs.

Package Tracking

When a delivery is critical for a project’s completion, it’s not enough to make sure that it arrives at your mailroom or receiving bay promptly; you also need to ensure that inbound accountable mail and parcels reach the intended person or department. Ensure that your deliveries arrive on time, every time.

How Hykez can help

At Hykez, we’re T&L solutions specialists! We can help you configure a solution no matter the size or type of your organization. We’ll deliver a complete system that fits the specific needs of your application and your budget. Our years of T&L experience delivering complex solutions across industries mean that you’ll get a comprehensive solution and a trouble-free implementation, guaranteed. Go ahead, give us a call!

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