Say bye-bye to the office setup desktops. Work can now happen anywhere, everywhere. We are now entering into forward-thinking, innovation-enabling technologies like AI, process automation, and comprehensive software solutions that optimize mobility, user experience, and self-help enablement. When technical thought leadership meets unrivaled logistical capabilities, workplace innovation thrives.

Our Dynamic Workplace offering solutions increase efficiencies, improve customer experience, and help grow your business while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Together, we will strengthen your internal core to innovate, automate, and reimagine what it means to deliver superior support which is placing end-user satisfaction at the center of every solution we shape. Whether you’re leading the pack or feeling a step behind, we’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Know what we do:

  • Automation and Analytics
  • Digital Service Desk
  • Engineering and Mobility
  • Collaboration and Productivity

Try to accelerate your growth with our AI and automation. Our automated self-service and self-heal technologies like virtual assistants and chatbots—reduce demand and TCO, and help your workforce get back to productivity quickly. The real-time, executive-level dashboards and deep-dive analytics will drive your strategic business decision-making. These smart technologies do more than just accelerate the game—they help you to win the game.

Speed or quality? You shouldn’t have to choose here. Our full range of service desk capabilities—covering mobile devices, account administration, application support, and full life cycle hardware configuration—is designed to achieve high incident resolution and customer satisfaction. Whether on-site or at one of our world-class global solution centers, our highly skilled agents drive productivity by focusing on the user experience.

Moreover, our application support—troubleshooting, data correction, user administration, vendor patching, and regulatory or environmental changes are delivered by our talent network skilled in commonly used and specialized applications. Plus, we’ll bring new development capabilities to support application rationalization, demand management, and spend optimization or application documentation.

We all know that optimization breeds opportunity. Therefore, at Hykez, we are driving resolution at the service desk or through self-help which reduces TCO and frees up resources for innovation. Yet, sometimes, a higher-touch is needed. When that’s the case, we go beyond traditional break-fix /deskside support. Here, we tackle full asset life cycle management through inventory management, security control, walk-up repair centers, asset lending, and asset lockers. Whether it is global or local, we’re able to scale and accelerate to get the job done.

On the other hand, we’ll help you achieve comprehensive image management solutions that minimize user disruption and maximize productivity. Not to mention automated service systems management architecture and mobile device management that fit your environment while staying current with updates. We are the industry best practices that are delivered by certified, experienced deployment architects.

At Hykez, we reach peak productivity through the best tools available here. Being a gold-certified for Cloud Productivity, our experts can design and drive your cloud migration—from build to implementation, to ongoing support and enhancement of your cloud productivity environment, we practice all here. On the other hand, we’ll help you take advantage of the most current security features through. Our enterprise-ready AI-based conversational platform can analyze what users are looking for and communicate through multiple channels, languages, and devices.

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