Set the stage for proactive and predictive operations with our Digital/Intelligent Network offerings.At Hykez, we provide a fast, secure Network that maximizes Business Performance. The exponential growth in connected devices, bandwidth-intensive applications, and data traffic has put new pressure on traditional network infrastructures. This pressure has caused a great loss to the network infrastructure companies. Therefore, simplify, standardize, and modernize your network environment with our Intelligent Network offerings and meet the growing demands of your digital business.

Here at Hykez, we apply advanced analytics and automation to drive greater business agility and improved performance. Whether you are challenged to support greater collaboration, cloud enablement, or cost reduction, we can help. So, try to run our intelligent and secure networks with end-to-end managed services.

The benefits of our flexible Intelligent Network are as follows:

  • Build a future-ready and secure network with modern technologies
  • Elevate user experience with improved application performance
  • Gain greater business agility with network automation
  • Prevent network downtime with reliable and proactive operations
  • Optimize costs by simplifying infrastructure and virtualization

On the other hand, our Intelligent Network offerings comprise of Network Advisory that helps to meet your business goals with a comprehensive plan that meets new demands, Network Implementation that enhances uptime and security with an integrated and modern environment, and Network Managed Services that are practiced to optimize performance and resiliency with comprehensive management and support. Although your enterprise understands how important it is to protect the network, you may sometime find it difficult and costly to devote resources to this ongoing task. The typical approach to intelligent network security involves installing a hardware appliance for firewall protection and using virtual private network (VPN) software to govern remote access. Hiring the right employees alone can make supporting enterprise network security costly, and some of these costs are also driven by the number of remote locations and business partners who need access to the private network.

Our Managed Intelligent Network Security offerings are designed to protect your key information assets across networks, hosts, and applications. On the other hand, our offerings manage all network security devices, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and access control technologies. Our highly trained network experts become an extension of your in-house IT staff, providing security analysis, device and technologies configuration, alert management, and 24×7 monitoring. We provide end-to-end network security in fixed and mobile environments, allowing for an unbroken thread of security from login to log off.

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