The Blood Bank CRM system is a complete solution that helps in managing every task from the point blood is collected to blood is transfused. Here, the clerical activities of the blood management process are automated by the software itself. Moreover, it helps with the management of donor lists and, operations like blood collection, storage of blood, etc.

A blood bank CRM system needs the proposed software for its various verticals- donor registration, blood issue, cross blood matching, to name a few. Moreover, when a blood bank management software is installed, not only the management of blood bank but also donors and recipients get the benefit. Last but not least, a blood bank management system is able to manage the entire blood management process effortlessly. On the other hand, organizers of blood donation camps and hospitals with an active blood bank can also invest in a blood bank management system.


After login into the Admin :

Modules :

(i)                     dashboard

|___Sales chart[Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Total Sales]

|___ Last 10 Pos Sales[sales date, Discount, Total amount, status]

                                     |___ Top 10 sale item [Id, Product name, Sales]


(ii)                   Settings

|___Logo []

|___Favicon []

                                      |___Footer & contact[]

                                      |___Email []

|___News []

                                      |___Home Page []

                                       |___banner []

|___mod rewirte []

                                      |___pay pal Email[]

 (iii)                     Page

|___Add page[Page name, page Slug, page Layout, page content, Banner, Active, Meta Title,meta description,Meta keyword]

|___All  page[Sl, Page name,Page slug, page layout, Status, action{edit,delete}]


(iv)                     Menu

|___Add New Menu

|___Category as Menu [Select Category * , Order*, Select Parent*]

|___Page as Menu [Page * , Order*, Select Parent*]

|___Other Menu [ Menu Name*, Order*, Url*, Parent*]

|___ View[Menu Id, Menu Type, Menu Name, Category/Page Slug ,Menu order{Update Order}, Parent Menu Id, Action{Delete}]


(v)                      Blood Groups

|___View  Blood Groups[SL, Blood Group, Actions{Edit, Delete}]

|___Add Blood Group[Blood Group Name*]


  (vi)                    Agent Section

|___ All  Agents

|___View All Categories[SL, Photo, Name, Designation & organization, City, Country, Status, Actions{Details, Make Inactive / Make Active}]

                                       |___ Agents Payment

|___View Agent  Payments [Serial, Agent, Payment dateExpire date,Transaction Id, Pricing Plan and Amount, Payment Status, Actions{ Delete}]


(vi)                      Donor Section

|___ Pending Donors[Serial, Photo, Name, Profession, Age, Blood Group, Action{Details, Approved it, Delete}]

                                       |___ Approved Donors[Serial, Photo, Name, Profession, Age, Blood Group, Action{Details, Delete}]


|___Add Religion[Religion Name*]

|___View Religion[Serial, Religion, Action{Edit, Delete}]

(vii)                   News Section


                                                              |___View Category[SL No, Category Name, Category Slug, Action {Edit, Delete}]

|___Add Category[Category Name, Category Slug , Meta Title, Meta Key Words, Meta Description]


                                                              |___View News [SL, Thumbnail, Category, Action{Edit, Delete} ]

|___Add News [News Title, News Slug , News Content, News Publish Date, Featured Photo, Select Category, Publisher, Meta Title, Meta Key Words, Meta Description]

                                       |___Comment [code to use after the opening <body> tag]            


(viii)             Testimonials Section

|___View  Testimonials [SL, Photo, Name, Designation, Company, Comment, Action{Edit, Delete}]

|___Add Testimonials [ Name*, Designation*, Company *, Photo *, Comment*]


(ix)                       FAQ

|___ FAQ Category

|___Add Category [FAQ Category Name*]

                                                            |___View slider[SL, FAQ Category, Actions{ Edit, Delete}]

|___All FAQ

|___Add FAQ [FAQ Title*, FAQ Comment*, Select FAQ Category* ]

                                                            |___View FAQ [SL, FAQ Title, FAQ Comment, FAQ category,  Actions{Edit, Delete}]


 (x)                   Pricing Plan

|___View Pricing Plan [SL, Plan Name, Plan  Price, Active days, Item allowed, Action{Edit, Delete}]

|___Add  Pricing Plan [Plan Name*, Plan  Price*, Active days*, Item allowed*, Plan Description]

  (xi)                   File Upload(Media)

|___View Files[SL, File Name, File Title, Copy Link, Action{Edit, Delete}]

|___Add  Files [File Title, Upload File ]                  

    (Xii)                 Social Media

|___Add Social Media [Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit,Snap chat, Whats App, Quora, Stumble upon,Delicious, Digg]


(xi)                    Subscriber

|___ Subscriber List [SL, Subscriber Email]

|___ Remove Pending Subscriber []

|___ Export As CSV[Download Subscriber_List.csv]


Admin login :  url –

User ID :

Password : hykez@123

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