Now you can easily optimize your return on investment with a complete and integrated CRM solution. Increase your business sales by improving your CRM with our real-time business intelligence solution integrated with your team operations. Our CRM Pro is focused on the activities and needs related to managing the activities and data related to your customers. Easy to use forms and control panels help you automate and streamline processes.

This application is customized to fit your specific CRM needs. This application is a web interface ready! Manage relationships with contacts and nurture them into customers as CRM Pro is a customer relationship management application that helps organizations develop and track leads and drive sales directly in the platform. The custom application allows sales teams to easily manage their relationships with contacts and nurture them into customers.

After login into the Admin:


  • Panel
  1. You will get an overall glimpse about your business account.
  2. You will get a notification about each user’s activity.
  • Customers
  1. Add Individual Customer or any company profile
  2. View All Customer / Company Profile in a listed format.
  • Leads
  1. Add Profile which comes as lead through enquiry
  2. Get an overall graphical analysis about leads
  3. Import all the leads
  4. Add Lead Status.
  5. Add Lead Source.
  • Projects
  1. View All Project Related Info and status here
  2. You can filter the projects according to the status
  3. You can add projects with given date to get that projects done.
  4. Update conversion rate, change interest percentage proportion etc.
  5. You can pinned any project if you wish.
  • Invoices
  1. View all payment related information in a graphical representation.
  2. Create New Invoice.
  3. View All Invoices as listed format.
  4. View All adv. info in a list
  5. Action [Edit]
  • Proposals
  1. Add New Proposals
  2. View All Proposals
  3. Get an overview glimpse about all the proposals




  • Expenses
  1. Add new category.
  2. Action [Edit / Delete].
  3. View All expense details in a list format
  4. Click on expense no to generate the receipt.
  • Staffs
  1. Add Departments
  2. View All Departments
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  4. Add Staffs with respect to each departments.
  • Tickets
  1. Create new tickets
  2. View All Tickets
  3. View tickets based on priority settings.
  4. View Current status of the tickets raised.
  • Task
    1. Create new tasks.

View tasks based on status.


Admin login URL

User ID :

Password : hykez@123

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