More and more people today are using online dating applications and websites to find true love. Several decades ago, matchmakers and video dating services filled this need for those interested in meeting new people without leaving their homes. Today, people take their dating applications everywhere they go. However, a question lingers: How are successful are these users at attracting a mate?

The best Dating management is one that books appointments and allows for easy follow up. Therefore, our CRM software for profile editors will allow for easily sustained contact with the client to check in on progress. Invoicing is also made easier using our Dating CRM software which automatically generates invoices using a template that features the company logo. Matchmakers will rejoice as their job becomes simplified. Keeping in contact with clients is fun, but it can be difficult to organize. Hence, Hykez’s CRM Software removes that difficulty for online dating consultants. Matchmakers, profile consultants, and online dating consultants should take advantage of our CRM software technology today.

After login into the Admin:


  • General Settings
  1. Add General Settings for the application and website.
  • Payment Settings
  1. Add various type of payment gateway settings for the website.
  • Price Settings
  1. Add price settings to buy credits for the website.
  • Account Settings
  1. Add settings for both the free accounts as well as for the premium accounts.
  2. Add Gender type.
  3. Add language settings.
  4. Manage advt. section which is to be displayed in the website.
  5. Add sitemap generator.
  6. View all user in a listed format.
  7. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Custom Profile Settings
  1. Add new question to setup the profile.
  2. Action [Edit / Delete].
  • Mobile Apps Settings
  1. Add settings for the mobile application.
  • Fake User Settings.
  1. Add settings to prevent fake account.
  • Theme Settings.
  1. Add new theme settings for the website.
  • Gift Settings
  1. Add gift settings for the users to present that to their choice of matches.
  • Report
  1. View Users report.
  • Manage Pages
  1. Add pages which is to be displayed in the website.


Admin login URL

User ID :

Password : hykez@123

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