If you own a small eCommerce store, the threat of going under is always real. Some studies show that 29% of small businesses fail because they ran out of capital. Knowing such a possibility, you have to be mindful of how you spend your marketing budget. Hence, this is where the best CRMs in the market shine.

Our eCommerce CRM system enables you to rank leads based on multiple factors so you can identify the customers who are likely to buy from your online store through lead scoring. Here, the idea is very simple: a lead that engages with your online store and meets the requirements of your buyer persona is more likely to make a purchase. In order to help you rank leads and create a custom point system, the most powerful CRMs provide built-in fields that you can score for such as web page viewed, ticket created, email opened for a level of engagement, and country, city, and state for quality of fit.


After login into the Admin:


  • Orders
  1. View Orders in list format
  2. Actions [View Details / Send Email / Order Status]
  • Products
  1. Add Products
  2. View All Products in list format
  3. Actions [Edit / Deactivate / Delete]
  • Withdraws
  1. ……
  2. ………….
  • Vendors
  1. Vendors View List
  2. Actions [View Details / Send Email / Remove]
  3. View Pending Vendors List
  • Customers
  1. View Customer Detail List
  2. Action [View Details / Send Emails / Remove]
  3. From View Details You can contact with the customer
  • Manage Categories
  • Main Category
  1. Add Category
  2. View category List
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Sub Category
  1. Add Sub Category
  2. View sub category List
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Child Category
  1. Add Child Category
  2. View child category List
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Slider Settings
  1. Add New Slider
  2. View Slider List
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Service Section
  • Service Section Content
  1. Add Service
  2. View Service Section List
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Service Section Title
  1. Update Service
  • Testimonial Section
  • Testimonial Section Content
  1. Add Testimonial
  2. View Testimonials List
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Testimonial Section Title
  1. Update Testimonial Section
  • Theme Color Settings
  1. Set Website Theme Color
  • Page Settings
  1. Update About Us Content
  2. Update FAQs Content
  3. Update Contact Us
  • Social Settings
  1. Add / Update Social links address.
  • SEO Tools
  1. Add / Update Google Analytics Script
  2. Add / Update Website Meta Keywords
  • General Settings
  1. Add / Update Logo
  2. Add / Update Favicon
  3. Add / Update Website title
  4. Add / Update payment information
  5. Add / Update Background Image
  6. Add / Update About Us Text
  7. Add / Update Office Address
  8. Add / Update footer section.




Admin login URLhttps://hykez.com/crm/Ecom/admin

User ID : admin@hykez.com

Password : hykez@123

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