Hyekz offers the best GST software CRM for enterprises to file their returns easily. With the introduction of the GST, the general perception has been one of increased difficulty in filing returns. With our best GST CRM software for traders and GST accounting software, you can make sure that you never have to break a sweat to file your returns! 

For traders and retailers, accounting management is an integral part of the process. Hykez’s GST CRM software help traders manage their books and keep them up to date with the touch of a button. On the other hand, with our GST CRM software for traders, filing of returns is now a piece of cake. All you need to do is upload your sales and buyer information on the website, and our GST CRM software will take care of the rest. Once all is said and done, you can verify the monthly returns calculated. That’s it!

Hykez’s GST CRM reporting software makes sure that your team works hard on closing sales, and not managing or logging them into the system. All it takes is two clicks of the mouse, a little information, and your sales are managed!

After login into the Admin:


  • GST
  1. Add GST Return type.
  2. Add new credit / debit note
  3. View credit / debit note in a listed format.
  4. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Cash Flow
  1. Enter date range.
  2. View the cash flow in between the dates which you entered in a listed format.
  • Product
  1. Add new product.
  2. Add new category if not listed.
  3. Add new sub-category if not listed.
  4. View all the products in a listed format.
  5. Action [Edit / Delete]
  6. Import product in a bulk by uploading through CSV file.
  7. Print product barcode.
  • Purchase
  1. Add new purchase.
  2. View the pictures in a list format
  3. Action [View Purchase / Add payment / Edit / Download Pdf / Delete / Email purchase].
  • Transfer
  1. Add new transfer.
  2. View all the transfer in a listed format.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete].
  • Sales
  1. Add new sales item.
  2. View sales detail in a listed item.
  3. Action [View Sales Details / Add payment / Edit / Download Pdf / Email Sales].
  • Transaction
  1. Add new payment.
  2. View all payments in a listed format.
  3. Add new receipt.
  4. View all receipt in a listed format.


  • Banking
  1. Add new bank account.
  2. View all bank account in a listed format.
  • Report
  1. View daily report.
  2. View products report.
  3. View purchase report.
  4. View purchase returns.
  5. View sales report.
  6. View sales return reports.
  7. View Receivable Amount Report.
  8. View Payable Amount Report.
  • Users
  1. Add new users.
  2. View all users in a listed format.
  3. Action [Edit / Status Active-Inactive]
  4. Add new billers.
  5. View all billers in a listed format.
  6. Action [Edit / Delete].
  7. Add new customers.
  8. View all customers’ info in a listed format.
  9. Action [Edit / Delete].
  10. Add new suppliers.
  11. View all new suppliers in a listed format.
  12. Action [Edit / Delete].
  • Settings
  1. Add company settings.
  2. Add new category.
  3. View all category info in a listed format.
  4. Action [Edit / Delete].
  5. Add new subcategory
  6. View all sub-category in a listed format.
  7. Action [Edit / Delete].
  8. Add branch
  9. Add new brand.
  10. View all brand in a listed format.
  11. Action [Edit / Delete.
  12. Add new discount.
  13. Add new warehouse.
  14. View all warehouse in a listed format.
  15. Action [Edit / Delete].
  16. Assign warehouse to different role.
  17. Add email configuration.
  18. Add new expense.
  19. Add new payment method.
  20. View all payment method in a listed format.
  • Account
  1. Add new account group.
  2. View all account group in a listed format.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete].
  4. Add new ledger.
  5. View all ledger in a listed format.
  6. Action [Edit / Delete].

URL – https://hykez.com/crm/gst_softwares/auth/dashboard

Admin login URL – https://hykez.com/crm/gst_softwares/auth/login

User ID : admin@hykez.com

Password : hykez@123

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