The CRM solution for media provides comprehensive relationship management solutions for media companies to boost revenues by streamlining processes, on a powerful technology platform that helps build richer relationships to retain, grow, and acquire new accounts. In recent years, with the advent of the internet, the media industry has shown extraordinary growth by embracing new media and broadcasting techniques. With scrupulous and careful account planning, sales execution, and analysis, potential can be monetized like never before. The real difficulty lies in catching up and competing against the top media houses while trying to increase sales and boost efficiency.

Our News CRM software provides complete account management with insights into the sales pipeline and incorporates analytics to facilitate taking corrective measures for maximizing revenue. It also helps in monitoring inventory commitments and integrates with media core systems like Traffic and Finance for last-mile updates.

Moreover, our CRM software for media enables sales workforce transformation by providing data & process centricity. As a next-generation platform, it creates customer-centricity and strengthens relationships, resulting in enhanced growth and improved profitability.

After login into the Admin:


  • Add Post
  1. Add News
  • News List
  1. View All news in list format
  2. Actions [Edit / Delete]
  3. Status changing option
  4. Customized search option.
  5. Date wise search option.
  • Positioning
  1. News positioning settings update
  2. Action [Delete]
  • Media Library
  1. Add pictures according to the desired category.
  2. View the pictures in a list format
  3. Action [Edit / Delete / Slider On- Off option].
  • Other Post.
  1. Add breaking news.
  2. View all the breaking news in a listed format.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete / Slider On- Off option].
  4. Add polling questions and answer.
  5. View the polling questioner in a listed format.
  6. Action [Edit / Delete / Slider On- Off option].
  • Comments
  1. View all comments in a listed format.
  2. Action [Edit / Delete / View].
  • Subscribers
  1. View all subscribers in a listed format.
  2. Action [Delete].




  • Analytics
  1. View all live / active users
  2. View maximum users’ location who are currently viewing the news.
  3. View the URL links which the users are visiting the most.
  4. View the maximum used browser by the agents / users to open the website.
  5. View location based user analytics
  6. View new user based analytics between two date ranges.


  • Advertise Settings
  1. Add new advertise.
  2. View all advertise settings in a listed format.
  3. Action [Enable features for Desktop / Mobile. / Edit / Delete]
  • Archive Settings
  1. View archive info in a listed manner.
  2. Update Archive settings.
  3. Action [Archive].
  • Category
  1. Add category name.
  2. View all category name in a listed format.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete].
  4. Update category position.
  • Page
  1. Add new page name.
  2. View all page names in a listed format.
  3. Action [Publish – Unpublished / Edit / Delete]
  4. Import / Export list in an excel format if you want.
  5. Sort to find only graduate students list.
  • Menu
  1. Add new menu.
  2. View all menus in a listed format.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete].
  4. Setup of the menu.
  • User
  1. Add new users.
  2. View all users in a listed format.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete].
  4. Auto approval features.
  5. View last 20 access log.
  6. View Reporter list through advanced search.


  • Settings
  1. Add home page setup.
  2. Add contact management setup.
  3. Add / Update language settings.
  4. Add website title.
  5. Add website footer.
  6. Add website logo.
  7. Add website favicon.
  8. Add website time-zone.
  9. Add email configuration.
  10. Add seo settings.
  11. Add theme activation.
  12. Add social authentication key.


Admin login URL –

User ID :

Password : hykez@123

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