The Online Food CRM system is a fully integrated solution for the Cafe/Restaurant Industry that will enable the business to be smarter and provide a more customized experience to customers. This system can provide customers a more interactive experience by replacing your conventional printed menu with a tab ordering system connected to the existing POS system. Moreover, this system can also automate orders for Home Delivery, Take Away, and Table Reservation from a dedicated mobile application or website under your brand. Online Food CRM features a real ­time dashboard with various insights that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Our Online Food CRM Solution is designed for restaurants and online food ordering websites that take orders for delivery. Here, it provides a complete online food ordering system for business that makes you manage your customers, orders/deliveries smartly, and enables you to focus on your business expansion.


After login into the Admin :

Modules :

(i)                     dashboard

|___Sales chart[Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Total Sales]

|___ Last 10 Pos Sales[sales date, Discount, Total amount, status]

                                     |___ Top 10 sale item [Id, Product name, Sales]


(ii)                   Point of Sale

|___All  []

|___Cart Item []


 (iii)                     Expense

|___All Expense [Title, price, Description, Options{Edit, Delete}]

|___Add Expense [Name, Description, Expense Amount]

 (iv)                     Online Orders

|___New Orders List

|___ Completed Orders List

                                     |___ Cancelled Orders List


(v)                      Seles

|___Post Sales

|___ All Sales [Customers, Sales date, Discount, Total Amount, Status, Actions{Show, Cancel It}]

|___Order Sales

|___ All Order [Name, Email, Phone, Amount, Status, Actions{Show}]


  (vi)                     Products


|___All Categories[Id, Image, Name, Actions{Edit, Delete}]

|___Add Categories[Name, Image]


|___All Products [Id, Image, Name, Price, Actions{Edit, Delete}]

|___Add Products [Name, Description, Category, Price, Image]



 (vi)                      Reporting

|___ Sales

|___ All Sales[Sales date, Amount, Discount, Total Amount, Actions{Show}]

                                                        |___Search  Sales[Date range, Range Select]

                                       |___Product  Sales

|___Product  by Sales[Id, Product Name, Sales]


|___POS  and Online Orders Graph


|___ All Expenses [Id, date, Title, Price]

                                                           |___Search  Expenses [Date range, Range Select]


(vii)                       Settings

|___Genaral Settings [Site Title, Phone , Email, Address, Country, Monday to Saturday,Sunday, facebook, twitter, VAT, Delivary cost, currency, longitude, latitude, hide Frontend, stripe payment]




(viii)                      Users

|___Add User[Name, Email, Role, Password, Confirm Password]

|___All Trades[Id, Name, Email, Actions{Edit,Delete}]

                                       |___Actions[Copy, Excel, CSV, PDF, Print]


(ix)                       Settings

|___Home Slider

|___Add slider[Slider text, Image ,Order]

                                                            |___View slider[Slider, Image, Order, Actions{View, Edit, Delete}]

|___Cycle Slider

|___Add Cycle slider[Select Shop ]

                                                            |___View  Cycle slider[Shop Name, Actions{Delete}]

|___ What’s New

|___Add What’s New [Select Shop, Title, Subtitle, Description, Status, Image ]

                                                            |___View  What’s New [Title, Subtitle, Shop, Image, Status, Actions{View, Edit, Delete}]

 (x)                    Frontend Website

|___Home page Setting [Story title, Story Description, Menu Title, Menu description, Image Title 1,image Title 2, Home categories]

|___Sliders [Type, Website, Image, Actions{View, Edit, Delete}]

                                                       |___All Sliders [Image, Title, Options{Edit, Delete}]

                                                       |___Add Sliders [Title, Image]

                                       |___Pages [name, description, profile picture]

|___Pages [Title, description, Option{Edit,View}]

|___ Actions[Copy, Excel, CSV, PDF, Print]

|___Menu  Mangement[*has an issue, page is not working.]


(xi)                      Profile

|___ Update Profile[name,Email, role]


Admin login :  url –

User ID :

Password :  hykez@123

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