Pharmacies have several different sets of challenges when compared to other retail stores. Hence their concerns are not generally addressed by the CRM solutions made for other retail stores. On the other hand, Pharmacies must manage and distribute drugs according to local laws and regulations. This means that managing expiry dates of inventory effectively, handling prescription drugs according to local regulations, etc.

The solution for this is our Pharmacy CRM system. At Hykez, we offer a comprehensive Pharmacy Management Solution for independent and retail pharmacies. Our CRM system is built by customizing Odoo and has a simplified POS interface that is integrated with devices such as barcode scanner, cash register, thermal printer, and drug label printer. Moreover, our CRM system can either be configured as a simple pharmacy billing software or a comprehensive retail pharmacy CRM system to automate pharmacy daily routines from POS to backend office. You can also use our CRM system’s insightful reports to analyze your business financials and optimize your inventory that will improve your bottom line.


After login into the Admin:


  • Invoice
  • New Invoice
  1. Add New Invoice
  2. Generate Payment Method
  • Manage invoice
  1. Invoice List
  2. Action [View Invoice / POS Invoice / Edit / Delete]
  3. Print
  • POS Invoice
  1. Add New POS Invoice
  2. Generate payment Method
  • Medicine
  1. Add Medicine Info
  2. View Medicine Info List
  3. Action [Generate QR Code / Generate bar Code / Update / Delete]
  • Customer
  1. Add Customer Info
  2. Manage Customer Info as View List
  3. Credit Customer
  4. Paid Customer
  • Category
  1. Add category
  2. View Category List
  3. Action [Update / Delete]
  4. Download the List in CSV / Excel format and print the list as well
  • Supplier
  1. Add Supplier
  2. View Supplier List
  3. Action [Update / Delete]
  4. Download the List in CSV / Excel format and print the list as well
  • Purchase
  1. Add Purchase Item
  2. View Purchase List
  3. Action [Update / Delete]
  4. Download the List in CSV / Excel format and print the list as well
  • Stock
  1. Generate Stock Report
  2. View Stock Report in list format
  • Search
  1. Medicine Search by name
  2. Customer Search by name
  3. Invoice Search
  4. Purchase Search
  • Account
  1. Create Account Name
  2. View Account List
  3. Action [Edit only]
  4. Add Income
  5. Add Expense
  6. Add Tax
  7. View tax List
  8. Action [Edit / Delete]
  9. Download as CSV / Excel format and print
  10. Account Summary Report through Date Wise
  11. Cheque manager
  12. Closing Account per day
  13. Closing Report through Date Wise
  • Report
  1. Daily Report
  2. Sales Report
  3. Invoice Print through Sales Report by clicking on Invoice No
  4. Purchase Report
  5. Invoice Print through Purchase Report by clicking on Invoice No
  6. Sales Report Medicine Wise
  7. Profit Report
  • Bank
  1. Add New Bank Name
  2. View Bank name list wise
  3. Action [Edit]
  • Software Settings
  1. Manage Company (View Company Info as list)
  2. Action [Edit]
  3. Add User for the store by giving user role
  4. Manage User (View user as List)
  5. Action [Edit / Delete]
  6. Add Language
  7. View Language as List
  8. Edit Language phrase
  9. Make Website Setting



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Password : 123456

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