A Restaurant POS Management system helps a restaurant manage all the different types of orders, menus, shifts, tables, billings, payments, and everything on all counts under a single system interface. It is specially designed to serve and assist the F&B industry, our restaurant management system can easily expedite every operation of the restaurant and thus making restaurant management a cakewalk for a restaurateur.

Here, our restaurant management software automates your operations to all corners. Right from managing orders to menus, handling bills to receiving payments, our restaurant POS management system takes complete care of your business. Since all your operations are efficiently automated, you will be able to impart a better customer experience. If you have a chain of restaurants across the world and are also looking for a restaurant POS management system to streamline your business then you can take a look at our Hykez restaurant POS CRM system. It has all the features that a restaurant chain needs to handle multiple operations effectively.


After login into the Admin:


  • Product
    1. Add Product
    2. View ProductTable [Download CSV / Upload CSV / Print Menu]
    3. Action [Edit / View Product / Delete / Modify Stock / Print Barcode (But not working)]
  • Stores
    1. Add Store
    2. View Store Data Table
    3. Action [Edit / Delete / Manage Table]
  • Manage Table
  1. Add Zone / Edit Zone / Delete Zone
  2. Add Table
  3. View Table [Action – Edit / Delete]
  • Peoples
  • Waiter
  1. Add Waiter
  2. View Waiter Data Table
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Customers
  1. Add Customer
  2. View Customer Data table
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Suppliers
  1. Add Suppliers
  2. View Supplier Data Table.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]


  • Sales
  1. View Sales Data Table
  2. Action


  • Expenses
  1. Add Expense
  2. View Expense data Table
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Categories
  • Product
  1. Add Product Category
  2. View Data Table of Product Category
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Expense
  1. Add Expense Category
  2. View Data Table of Expense Category
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Setting
  • Settings
  1. Add Website Setting
  • Users
  1. Add Users
  • Warehouse
  1. Add Warehouse
  • Reports
  • Monthly Report
  • Yearly Report
  • Customer Wise Report
  • Product Wise Report
  • Store Wise Report
  • Store Stock Report


Admin login URLhttps://hykez.com/crm/restaurant_pos/login

User ID : admin@hykez.com

Password : hykez@123

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