The Salon industry is a vital business that offers hair and body treatment services as well as massages to relieve people from the daily stresses of life. Running a Salon is a very daunting job. In order to be successful in this business, the Salon managers need to build and maintain a vast network of clients. So, they must manage their time and create schedules to meet their customers’ needs.

Moreover, clients need a reliable way to book their appointments. Therefore, it becomes vital to keep a record of the activities and revenues that the business generates. Also, the managers need to manage their employees. Our Salon CRM software is designed to automate the day-to-day activities of spas, salons, and beauty parlor. It also enables the salon and spa managers to run their business, manage their daily schedule, appointment booking, staff, and inventory with just a click of the button.


After login into the Admin :

modules :

(i) Shop  |___Add Shop  [Shop Name, Category, Location, City,state, country,pincode, phone_no, Email   address, Website, Working Time, Description, Latitude, Longitude, Picture]

|___View shop [Shop Name, Category, Location, state, phone, Email,       Website,Actions{view,Edit,galary,delete}]

|___ Assign service[Select shop, Select service, Price]


|___Add Services[Service Name]

|___View Services [Service Name, Category, Location, state, phone, Email, Actions{edit,delete}]

  (iii) Gallery

|___Add Gallery[Select Shop,images]

|___View Gallery [ShopName, Total Images, Actions{view gallery }]

 (iv) Customers

|___Add Customer[Bussiness Name,User name, password, First Name,Last Name,Phone_No, Email, Birth date,Gender,Profile satus,City,Website,Profile Picture]

|___View Customers [Bussiness Name,User name, phone_no, Email,Profile satus,City, Actions{view,Edit,Delete}]

(v) Users

|___View Users [ First Name,Phone_no, Email,Gender, City, Country,Actions{view }]

 (vi) Bookings

|___View Bookings [User Name,Shop Name,Booking _Id,Amount,Booking Date , Status,   Actions{view }]

(vii) Reviews

|___Shop Reviews [Shop Name,Total Reviews,Total Ratings, Rating Avg, Actions{view }]

  (viii) Trading

|___Add Trade [Title, Description, Picture]

|___View Trades Title, Description, Picture, Actions{view, Edit, Delete}]

 (ix) Settings

|___Home Slider

|___Add slider[Slider text, Image ,Order]

                                                            |___View slider[Slider, Image, Order, Actions{View, Edit, Delete}]

|___Cycle Slider

|___Add Cycle slider[Select Shop ]

                                                            |___View  Cycle slider[Shop Name, Actions{Delete}]

|___ What’s New

|___Add What’s New [Select Shop, Title, Subtitle, Description, Status, Image ]

                                                            |___View  What’s New [Title, Subtitle, Shop, Image, Status, Actions{View, Edit, Delete}]

                            (x) Ads

|___Add Ad [Type, Website, Image]

|___View Ad[Type, Website, Image, Actions{View, Edit, Delete}]

(x) Testimonials

|___Add Ad [name, description, profile picture]

|___View Ad[name, description, Actions{View, Edit, Delete}]

(xi) Offers

|___ Add  Offers [select shop, offers]

|___View Offers [shop  name,offers, Actions{Edit, Delete}]

(xii) Website Info

|___ Add  ) Website Info [Title, Logo,Favicon,Smtp Username,Smtp Host,Smtp Password.Admin Email,Sms Getway username,Sms getway password]


Admin login :  url –

User ID :

Password :  hykez@123

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