Our Ultimate School CRM is a comprehensive and advanced system of management for all educational organizations. It is an online system that also serves as a common platform for teachers, students, and parents to interact with each other. It makes use of advanced technologies in the smartest way possible. This online system helps the institutions to run their day-to-day activities with ease.

When it comes to their system in school, it helps to track attendance, exams and mainly assists in allocating assignments to the students. This online system of assignment has many benefits. It saves a lot of time and is encouraging students to do more. This leads to a speedy evaluation and speedy submission of results. Our CRM also has an organized mechanism for storing all these relevant data. It is stored in such a way that it can be used for future reference. It improves the results of students and increases the productivity of all the teachers as it takes less time to evaluate. It thus saves a lot of time compared to the traditional method.

After login into the Admin:


  • Manage Orders
  1. View All Orders in list format
  2. Actions [View Order with respect to order id]
  3. View Only Confirm Order
  4. Actions [View Order with respect to order id]
  5. View Only Pending Order
  6. Actions [View Order with respect to order id]
  7. View Only Cancelled Order
  8. Actions [View Order with respect to order id]
  • Manage Products
  1. Add Products
  2. View All Products in list format
  3. Actions [Featured / Unfeatured / Edit / Delete]
  • Manage Category
  • Category
  1. View All Category
  2. Action [Edit Category]
  3. Enable / Disable feature of Category Icon
  4. Add Category
  • Sub Category
  1. View All Sub-category
  2. Action [Edit Sub-Category]
  3. Add Sub-Category
  • Child Category
  1. View All Child Category
  2. Action [Edit Child Category]
  3. Add New Child Category
  • Payment Method
  1. View All Payment Acceptance Gateway
  2. Update conversion rate, change interest percentage proportion etc.


  • Manage Advertisement
  1. Add New Advertisement to be displayed in the website
  2. Add Google ads
  3. View All adv. info in a list
  4. Action [Edit]
  • Manage Staff
  1. Add New Staff
  2. View All Staff Members in a listed way
  3. Action [Edit Staff]
  • Manage Subscribe
  1. View All newsletter subscription List
  2. Action [Delete]
  • Manage User
  1. View All Registered User in a list.
  2. Action [Delete]
  • Basic Settings
  • Basic Setup
  1. Add Basic Setup for the website
  • Email Template
  1. Configure email template for the website.
  • Google Analytics
  1. Add Google Analytics for the SEO of website
  • Live Chat
  1. Configure Live Chat support for the website
  • Web Control
  1. Update Logo and Favicon for the application
  2. You can manage footer of the application.
  3. You can manage special features providing through your application
  4. You can make the slider according to your own choice which you want to display in your application.
  5. You can add / update / delete social media links on your business to promote.
  6. You can make the menu dynamic for your website and in a sorting order.
  7. You can add the content related with your business, business policy, terms & conditions and other added pages.
  • Testimonials
  1. Add Testimonials given by the customer or any other persons
  2. View all the testimonials in a listed format
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]
  • Partner
  1. Add company name as partner which are enlisted in your website
  2. View those names in a list.
  3. Action [Edit / Delete]



User ID : admin@hykez.com

Password : hykez@123

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