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    Software Development Quality Assurance Tester

    Date: 2nd November 2021

    REQ ID: 8419

    Our team seeks a BI tester who can test, document, troubleshoot and prepare for production launch. This is an urgent

    requirement and we can consider candidates.

    Data validation:
    Validate the data is extracted correctly at different levels and visualized properly
    Validate all the calculation and aggregation logic
    Check all the alerting rules, conditional formatting rules work properly
    Test for different kinds of data (e.g. negative values, null values, zero values, special characters)
    Verify Searching, Sorting, Filtering and Paging are set-up correctly.
    Validate navigation is functioning as designed.
    Ensure scalability within the dashboard to enable future changes.
    Perform UI testing
    Perform Usability testing
    Check Tooltips are present wherever necessary
    Title, Subtitle and other information should convey clearly what data is the chart showing.
    Scroll bars are necessary when the list exceeds the scope
    Performance testing
    Security/ Access restriction testing
    Regression testing
    Training customers on new and existing dashboard

    General Requirements:
    3+ years of testing and quality assurance experience
    Knowledge of Data quality checks
    Experience with Tableau, Qlik, Power BI or other data visualization tools required
    Experience with testing real-time data processing systems
    Experienced in testing business intelligence applications
    Strong knowledge in SQL to write complex queries to verify data
    Understanding data migration
    Knowledge of the QA process and structured testing methodologies
    Experience with automation and regression testing
    Strong problem-solving capabilities
    Familiarity with Hadoop, Data Wrangler or TOAD, a plus

    regression testing, quality assurance, sql, qa, ui testing, usability testing, data visualization, performance testing, data


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